• Integra Mini 300 Kit

    Inexpensive instead of cheap: The perfect kit for customers that prefer quality over of gadgets. Two relioable monolights “Made in Germany” and essential accessories for a successful start with studio photography.

  • Hensel Integra Mini 600

    The Hensel Integra Mini 600 Kit is a smart choice when it comes to highlighting your subjects with the perfect brightness. In addition to both the 300-Ws monolights, the kit includes an umbrella and grid reflector, a four-channel radio transmitter and receiver kit, a 32-inch Economy umbrella with a white interior and black backing, two Integra aluminum light stands, and a Softbag VII De Luxe. The Integra Mini 300 monolight recycles at 0.25–1.2 seconds, and boasts a fast flash duration of 1/1,900th of a second. Also included in this kit is a 16.4-ft sync cord that has a telephone jack.

  • Integra Plus 500 FM

    Why do some things work better than others? Why is it that you don’t need a user manual to find out how exactly everything works? And why do your fingers find the right switch without hesitation, even in total darkness? In our case, the answer is easy: it is the result of over three decades of compact flash design, the R&D efforts of an experienced team of engineers and our openness to the needs of our customers. Integra Plus are reliable workhorses for commercial photographers.

  • Hensel Porty L1200

    The perfect battery powered generator for people, fashion and sports photography “on location”! With sufficiant energy for fast flash sequences and enough power to master jobs in direct sunlight. Extra affordable package deal.