Hensel Integra Mini 600


The Hensel Integra Mini 600 Kit is a smart choice when it comes to highlighting your subjects with the perfect brightness. In addition to both the 300-Ws monolights, the kit includes an umbrella and grid reflector, a four-channel radio transmitter and receiver kit, a 32-inch Economy umbrella with a white interior and black backing, two Integra aluminum light stands, and a Softbag VII De Luxe. The Integra Mini 300 monolight recycles at 0.25–1.2 seconds, and boasts a fast flash duration of 1/1,900th of a second. Also included in this kit is a 16.4-ft sync cord that has a telephone jack.


  • Hensel Integra Mini 600 kit
  • 6 f/stop range
  • 300W modeling lamps
  • 2 flash heads & stands
  • 4 channel radio transmitter/receiver kit
  • 7.0″ grid reflector
  • Umbrella reflector
  • 32″ black-backed white umbrella