Mobile Power Source

  • Hensel Porty L-1200 Lithium Battery Power Pack

    Freedom without limits. The original Porty by the inventor of professional battery powered flash generators. Excellent performance, handy operation, full remote control – the smallest and most lightweight professional battery flash generator in its class!. Perfect on location – but also a full-blown studio pack with its optional AC adapter.

  • Hensel Power Max L

    More and more, professional compact flash units are also used outside the studio. In addition to the tried and tested, top-of-the-line Porty L battery generators, Hensel now offers the Power Max L, an up-to-date and reliable mobile power supply for current Hensel compact flash units. Works perfect with monitors, wind machines, coolers etc. as well. Created and crafted in Germany.


    The lightweight Hensel AC Mains Adapter Drawer for Porty L 600 and L 1200 is a multi-voltage adapter that turns your pack into a studio unit while maintaining the Porty’s DC specs. Compatible with Pro Mini and Pro Mini Porty heads, not only can these 2 different fixtures be used simultaneously, but the modeling lights can be used as well.